Bye Bye Debian

Well since writing about steps in migrating to Kubuntu from Debian I have pushed ahead and migrated practically everything so now it is only a spare or two that is still running Debian. This is quite a step forward as I have previously regarded Debian as being the distribution of choice for someone like me.… Continue reading Bye Bye Debian

Debian Falling Behind In Hardware Compatibility

One of the great controversies in the open source world is manufacturers who supply closed source drivers for their devices for open source operating systems like Linux. Debian uses the term “firmware” to describe these drivers and Debian, more than almost any other Linux distribution out there, prides itself on a firm policy of “officially”… Continue reading Debian Falling Behind In Hardware Compatibility


The series on how to build a PC from $300 to $3000 is being written as an allusion to my own computer upgrade project I have been working on this week. I took the middle of the road approach to this system and was able to bring the timeline forward after obtaining family support. A… Continue reading Upgrading