HPM Countdown Timers

I have used various types of countdown timer for my heaters for years. They ensure the heater will be turned off automatically after a set period, usually two hours, so as not to waste power. HPM used to sell specific mechanical countdown timers, and I had several of these. Unfortunately they all stopped working after… Continue reading HPM Countdown Timers

Bye Bye Debian

Well since writing about steps in migrating to Kubuntu from Debian I have pushed ahead and migrated practically everything so now it is only a spare or two that is still running Debian. This is quite a step forward as I have previously regarded Debian as being the distribution of choice for someone like me.… Continue reading Bye Bye Debian

Flatpak rollback to previous version of Gimp Beta

I did blog this before, but I have this time around had a successful instance of using this, because in this instance the application concerned did have sufficient commits available to roll back a point release. This example is the beta edition of Gimp, which I have been testing on a computer for some months.… Continue reading Flatpak rollback to previous version of Gimp Beta