Windows 10 downgrade

When I started using Linux I did not know how successful a changeover to it could be. I set up a new computer at the beginning of this year to have Windows 10 on and deemed it worthwhile to have a PC in a space wasting tower case with new hardware to run Windows 10… Continue reading Windows 10 downgrade

More Debian

Since last writing the remaining Linux computers in the house have been changed over to Debian. As usual this has been a straightforward procedure, in the case of mediapc reconnecting the RAID array being as simple as it was on mainpc. All computers use XFCE as their desktop environment. There are now four computers in… Continue reading More Debian

Best open source software

Here’s my picks: Debian GNU/Linux. One of the oldest distros around and definitely among the best, many others are derived from it. First released 24 years ago. I now use Debian on my desktops daily, generally with XFCE desktop environment. Xubuntu Linux. After trying a few variants of Linux and Ubuntu this was the one… Continue reading Best open source software