Evolution and digiKam

UPDATE: Unfortunately in practice Evolution has turned out to be another poorly supported piece of open source software that is only getting minimal updates and bug fixes. It is not too much exaggeration to say its support for Imap resembles that of Outlook that it tries to emulate. As far as I can tell the… Continue reading Evolution and digiKam

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Facebook sucks…

As I have written before, but I think really apart from interacting with friends, Facebook is a giant experiment and not one that actually achieves a lot of good. The whole premise of Facebook is to be bigger than anyone else and to churn fantastic profits from advertising. The “social media” is about creating a… Continue reading Facebook sucks…

Digikam / Android 8 not perfect / Ditching Outlook.com email

For some strange reason this message (which only appears once in my inbox) has some magical properties that enable it to push itself to the top of the list every so often. Android 8 seems to have issues with DefaultCarrierApp which puts up a notification that won’t go away telling me I have run out… Continue reading Digikam / Android 8 not perfect / Ditching Outlook.com email