Eyefi & FlashAir wireless SD cards for camera

Eyefi is a technology that’s been around for a while, that combines a regular SD memory card with a wireless chipset so that images that are being recorded onto the card by the camera can be transmitted wirelessly to another device. The cards can be purchased mainly on Amazon. The technology has also been licensed… Continue reading Eyefi & FlashAir wireless SD cards for camera

Canon MILC Cameras: EOS M Series

Canon has been slow to produce viable MILC cameras but their latest range has done a lot for their credibility in leveraging the benefits of this relatively new technology for interchangeable lens cameras. Briefly put, MILC is an abbreviation for Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera and essentially it is a DSLR without the optical viewfinder and… Continue reading Canon MILC Cameras: EOS M Series

Xubuntu 17.04, Kodi 17.1

Well the bedroom pc (AMD E350) had to be reinstalled because it needed more disk space for storing videos etc and I had assigned the larger disk entirely to Linux (500 GB) and only left a 320 GB partition for my stuff which was almost full. I reinstalled completely with the latest release of Xubuntu… Continue reading Xubuntu 17.04, Kodi 17.1