Windows 10, yay :)

One year after ditching Windows 10 I have bitten the bullet and put together a new system to run it. It becomes more difficult as time goes on, for various reasons, to buck the shift to Win10, but having had to take this challenging step, it still won’t be the main computer that I do… Continue reading Windows 10, yay 🙂

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Android desktop options

So after my last post I have had a play with Android x86 on the Linux PCs with very mixed results. Quite why Facebook finds it difficult to support the desktop / browser based version of Instagram with the ability to post images is hard to fathom considering how well they have made Facebook work… Continue reading Android desktop options

Android emulation options

A little while back I wrote about trialling a couple of Android emulators. BlueStacks and LeapDroid were the Windows ones that I tried out, Leapdroid being better. I then decided a tablet was a better option for Android and also reinstalled Windows to discover Leapdroid had been pulled by its developers and can no longer… Continue reading Android emulation options