My first Android phone

So I bought a Motorola Moto E on special (end of line) from the Warehouse. This is the 2014 model, seen above with the Lumia 520 on the left and the Lumia 635 in the middle. The screen just happens to be the same size as the Lumia 635 despite the latter’s larger package. This… Continue reading My first Android phone

How to print to a colour PCL printer from a Mac

If you know the Mac platform well, then you know that PostScript is the preferred printing system for OSX and all its precedessors way back to the very early Macs. This comes about because Apple virtually invented PostScript printing and desktop publishing about thirty years ago partnering with Aldus, the inventors of PostScript (which later… Continue reading How to print to a colour PCL printer from a Mac

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Mozilla Thunderbird

So I am trialling out Tbird again. For some reason I disliked it for quite a long time even though I used it a lot, years ago. I suspect the interface was kind of clunky, but of course there are all these styles available now. Really easy to set up with Google and Hotmail accounts,… Continue reading Mozilla Thunderbird