The Cult of Apple (or insert your favourite IT company name)

Some people find these subjects extremely divisive. Nevertheless it is true. The Apple Messiah just died. The company will never be the same without him, like they weren’t when he bunked off the first time in the 1980s. This isn’t just an Apple thing. There are lots of companies that fit that model in IT,… Continue reading The Cult of Apple (or insert your favourite IT company name)

Built in obsolescence

When I specced out the upgrade of my home computer I decided on the Intel DG41RQ mainboard, which is nearly the same as the DG41TX mainboard that my new (at start of this year) work computer has. The DG41RQ is specced for DDR2-800 RAM with two slots and a maximum supported level of 8 GB.… Continue reading Built in obsolescence

Windows 7 Folder Redirection

One of the more useful features for server admins on Windows is folder redirection. Basically this is a feature in which the user’s key folders such as Documents, Music and Videos can be redirected out of their user profile and into a fixed server based location. Taking the data out of the user profile speeds… Continue reading Windows 7 Folder Redirection