Advanced MDT

My production deployment of the Win7EntX64 image has had a few glitches we are looking into. Two deployments had errors, but two worked more or less as expected. I have started to leverage the VM produced monolithic images by creating custom task sequences to deploy them to other platforms, which is one way we can… Continue reading Advanced MDT

Switchcraft EH Series [2]

We received our order today of the inserts and some plates we had also bought from Jansens to go with them. Here is what one of these looks like straight out of the bag. You will see that the coupler looks like a standard VGA gender changer, and in fact that’s exactly what it is.… Continue reading Switchcraft EH Series [2]

Building Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Image [5], Earthquake !!!!

On Friday I wrote about the difficulty I was having in getting proper support for software for schools making their own Windows images for HP laptops. After a very long and convoluted process involving the IT Helpdesk, Tela Helpdesk and Axon, which is the Tela laptop repair agent for HP, I have finally had my… Continue reading Building Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Image [5], Earthquake !!!!