Picasa 3, Take 2

Last year, Google updated the Picasa software to version 3. At the time, I tried it, but was very unhappy with a few things. Principally, these were the forced automated update from 2.7 (it downloads the update without asking you and then installs it behind your back), and the way it interfered with my scanner… Continue reading Picasa 3, Take 2

Camera Totals

Canon Powershot S1 IS: 9496 images, 47 months (202/mth). May 2005 – April 2009, display circuitry failed. Canon Powershot A400: 5960 images, 21 months (283/mth). June 2005 – March 2007, sold. Canon Powershot A450: 3265 images, 10 months (326/mth). March 2007 – January 2008, dust entered lens. Canon Powershot A460: 4512 images, 16 months (282/mth).… Continue reading Camera Totals