Windows Live Mail is very flaky!

Sorry but there is no other way to write that. I have just had it up to here with the flakiness of WLM compared to Outlook Express and Outlook. Especially on IMAP accounts. WLM’s support even of ordinary IMAP is patience-testing enough before you try to set up access to Gmail IMAP and get a further increase in the voluminous error messages that every send/receive operation generates.

When I first saw WLM I liked it a lot. The interface design is very modern, it being designed for Vista. But beneath that appealing appearance is a product that is flakier than its predecessor. WLM went through a public beta program that I participated in. It is quite the norm to get lots of error messages when downloading mail, particularly on IMAP. Yet MS could make IMAP work on Outlook and Outlook Express. Even Gmail works just fine on those platforms.

Next gripe: neither of Outlook 2007 or WLM can do RSS either. Apparently there is some component that has not installed itself properly and none of the feeds will automatically update. Thunderbird can do everything and doesn’t throw the errors like WLM can. Out it goes!

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