Gimp Config Files

Gimp now seems to be consistently storing its config files in ~/.config/GIMP/x.xx (where x.xx is the version/release number). This applies even to the flatpak version, which is supposed to be sandboxed within the var area. The files such as menurc which stores the keyboard shortcuts can be copied from one computer to another using these… Continue reading Gimp Config Files

Debian Font Reinstallation for Carlito Fonts

Carlito is a very useful font in Debian but it is not necessarily installed automatically at reinstallation of the operating system. The steps that are recommended to reinstall some useful fonts are: apt install fonts-crosextra-carlito fonts-crosextra-caladea Caladea is the other font that is installed by the above command line. These two fonts are effective substitutes… Continue reading Debian Font Reinstallation for Carlito Fonts